Our Vision Statement

Prerna, a center of excellence for special learning needs, aims to target learning difficulties in children with the purpose of making them independent and confident learners.

Positive Strokes for Special Learning Needs is the requirement of the hour. It is high time; we realize the immense worth of every individual and their differential abilities.

We, at Prerna strike the chords of the individual heart and mind in order to bring about transformation and realization to aspirations of every student.

We aim to implement our vision:

  • by creating awareness of diverse learning needs and disabilities among all staff and students on campus.
  • by providing appropriate assistive technology and expanding its use amongst students;
  • by facilitating physical access to all environments on campus;
  • through ongoing research and development of our services;
  • by enabling the effective integration of students with special learning needs through holistic support (with regards to academic, social and psychological issues as well as adaptations of the environment);
  • by facilitating adapted assessments and curricula to enable optimal learning; and
  • by rendering consultative support to staff in order for them to provide effective learning environments for students with special learning needs.