Admission Procedure

A meeting is arranged with the Head of Institute. The Head of the Institute sits with the child for an extended period of time, to ascertain the level and intensity of the special need. She will also discuss the same with the parents and go through medical history of the child.

Prospective students of all levels will have to appear for a placement test on the scheduled day, before they are enrolled. Children applying for Grade I to VIII are tested on the grade-appropriate concepts in English & Maths.

They are encouraged to ask questions if they have any doubts in understanding the test.

The child is asked to assemble puzzles to assess hand and motor co-ordination, and identify animals, colors, shapes etc. The child is assessed on clarity of speech, behavior and ability to follow instructions. Their ability to recognize letters, similar/ different objects, shapes, the child’s numerical ability and ability to comprehend and follow instructions. If the child is joining at the beginning of the academic year, his manual dexterity skills are tested to see if he/she is ready to begin writing.


  • Deciding the grade level of the child
  • Decision for Admission
  • Sharing & briefing regarding school policies/facilities/ fee structure
  • Registration of the student
  • Meeting with the transport department
  • Guiding parent for the Uniform/ stationery
  • Taking admission by submitting important documents and completing formalities.
  • Meeting with the respective class teacher.