The Founder – Manjula Pooja Shroff


About Manjula Pooja Shroff

Manjula Pooja Shroff is the humble founder of Prerna Center for special education that envisages offering positive strokes for special learning needs and requirements. Understanding the importance of child-friendly education and under the constant guidance of Pooja Manjula Shroff, Prerna center for Special Education an initiative of Calorx Foundation stays miles and leagues ahead in offering unique learning opportunities to ‘Each & Every Child’.

Manjula Shroff is not just another entrepreneur but she is an extra-ordinary eduprneur who is a recipient of several awards like: the prestigious Secular India Award from the President of India, Shri Shankar Dayal Sharma & Woman of the year by American Bibliography Society, North Carolina and many more. The insightful edupreneur; Manjula Shroff knows it well that every child has unique potential to learn, grow and shine. Acting as the torch-bearer for an array of pre-primary and primary schools across Gujarat; Manjula Shroff the founder of Kalorex Group also volunteers to make basic education accessible for all. Manjula Pooja Shroff advocates saying the education is a valuable treasure and every child born are born to shine in their unique ways so all of them have the right to receive education. Her concern for the marginalized and those with special learning needs is evident through the projects; Visamo Kids and Prerna- a school for dyslexics.

Prerna center aspires providing the threefold development program that comprises of; focusing on the cognitive, affective and behavioural improvement and progress in every child. Treating dyslexia as the character of being ‘differently abled’ Prerna center believes in working in collaboration with the parents for the betterment of the students. The founder Pooja Manjula Shroff advocates the interaction and counseling sessions related to special learning needs of the students and ensures that the counseling sessions are regularly conducted in order to create awareness, sensitize and encourage acceptance by the parents.

Pooja Manjula Shroff keeps no stones unturned in making Prerna Center an organization that’s first of its kind in Gujarat in offering an excellent educational program for the disabled children. There is theme based learning and there are the special educators to cater to the learning needs of the students by adopting the Multi- Sensorial approach of teaching and learning. Under the expertise of Pooja Shroff, this facilitation school prepares the students for Board examinations and helps other educational institutions to replicate the Prerna Model in their own schools and create a Resource Centre for Dyslexic Children.